BYS...Glamour Box Special Edition Unboxing

by - Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

Remember my post of gifts we received last Christmas? Included is a Glamour Box Special Edition which features BYS cosmetics. BYS stands for Be Your Self. And today I will give you this unboxing blog.

To start is the box. It is a simple black box. Its not that heavy.

I already opened this last Christmas so it is no linger in its wrapped state. However if you avail this all the products are covered with bubble wrap. Even the bix. This to make sure that the products will not be damaged.

So first is this catalog card. It has all the details of the products included in the box.

Second is this BYS Contour and Highlighting kit. It comes in its full size. This kit is worth Php1,099.00. Mine is in the shade of Goddess. I am a bit disappointed here because I am expecting the shade of Daring but that is part of subscription boxes. You will never know what you get. And I will look on the brighter side of this. At least I have the chance to experiment.

Third is the BYS Eyeshadow 8 Palette Neutrals. In full size and price is Php499.00.

Fourth is the BYS Matte Lipstick in the shade of Latte to Go. Full size again and worth Php299.00.

Fifth is the BYS Liquid Brow Pen in light brown shade. Comes in full size and is worth Php499.00.

Sixth is the BYS Eyeliner Gel with Brush in the shade of Black Magic. Its in full size and worth Php549.00.

Last is the BYS Matte Nail Enamel. Mine is the shade of Matte Charcoal N230. Its in full size and worth Php199.00.

If we purchase all of these separately it has a total of Php3044.00. However I just got all of this for Php1100.00. Additional shipping fee of Php80.00. So its just Pho1180.00. Not bad right?

If you are interested on buying this visit Glamourbox site.

Happy New Year!

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