Get Ready with Me! New Year's Eve Look

by - Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hello everyone!

2015 is almost over! I know some of you are busy preparing for the coming new year's eve feast. Me? I'm pretty busy as well but its more of putting up all the blog I have been putting on hold lately. 

Now I am almost done! It's time to glam up. Here I have the get ready with me for new year's eve!

I am done prepping my face and applying my foundation. For this glam look I will use the products from BYS.

First I fixed my brows with BYS Liquid Brow Pen.

Second is the eyes! I will use the BYS Eyeshadow 8 Palette Neutrals.

I will use this shade as my base.

Excuse that tiny pimple.

I will put this at my crease to bring a depth.

Give it more drama with this shade.

Applied it at the outer V.

Blend it well and this is the finish. It is so matte. 

Now I want it to be more glam with a winged line. Fingers crossed I will be able to do it.

After so many try I ended up on just simply lining my eyes. Its not that perfect though. I do not like the consistency of the BYS Eyeliner Gel. It is very oily. And it takes too long to dry. It keeps on ruinibg my eye makeup.

Now I will try to contour my face. I hope I won't mess up.

Using these and I achieved this!

I feel a Chrissy Teigen vibe here. We laugh so hard when my hubby saw me. However I love my look! So much! 

Finish it off with a nice lippie!

This is such a wondeful experience! I never thought that it will still look great!

Thank you for reading!

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