My BDJ Fair 2015 Share The Spark Experience #bdj@10

by - Saturday, December 05, 2015

Hello everyone!

So last Sunday, November 29, 2015 I attended the BDJ fair at SM Mall of Asia. I got there around 11am. This is my second time at the fair. I tried to be there at the beginning of the fair but I did not succeed. Still I am happy that I was there!!!!

So I checked the booths. I am actually aiming for booths that have freebies. Sorry guys I am a perk-a-holic!!! Wow!

First booth is the Goody booth. This vanity mirror is really cute. Just snap a phot, post it on IG and you will reveipt a Goody loot bag. Amazing right?

So I took more photos and tried my luck on this Butter booth. I am hopeful that I will receive a free nail polish service which is at their booth exactly. However Marilyn Monroe here told me that lady luck is not on my side. 

Next I visit the Lipault booth. They are giving away an eco bag plus if you post for a photo carrying a Lipault bag. You will get a chance to win the bag I am actually holding. However I have not received any news about it.

Then at the Havaiannas booth there is a free cotton candy. I got myself the chocolate flavor. Then I head on the Talks area. There was a misunderstanding at first and I am so happy Miss Niña assist me. She recognized me from the blogs I am posting at the BDJ site. She said she always read my Julianna Diaries features! Thank you Miss Niña!!! 

Here is the stage. This photo of a cake made me hungry. Then I realized that its already lunch time. I decided to take bite later since the talk is about to start.

This our host for the day Miss Tracy. I forgot her last name. I am sorry. She is very beautiful.

Before the talk starts, a wonderful dance number was presented to us. I admire the ladies because most of them are not that young however thry are still graceful and confident doing their moves. I salute you girls!

The talk was given by Miss Jaymie Pizarro of The Bull Runner. I am moved by the video she shared about the dream chasers. It is my dream to have a healthy and fit lifestyle. She said that it is never too late to reach for that dream. I am actually planning on joining their runs and marathon. 

So after the talk I felt a bit dizzy. The place is now filled with people enjoying every booth and I am loosing my focus so I decided to rab myself saomthing to eat and drink lots of water. I actually forgot to bring myself some water.

Next I visit the Rappler booth. We were asked if we want to join their Th Leader I want is for #PH Vote. I joined and here is my qualifications for our next leader. I also bought two shirts for me and my hubby. I will post it later.

I forgot to mention I won a free facial from V10 Plus during the raffle. It was very relaxing and I felt relief from the headache. Her I am done with the facial!

I snapped another photo and post it in IG. I received a Pantene gift pack for this one.

I also visit the booth of Ace Hotel & Suites. I find the booth personnel not so friendly. Well maybe she's just exhausted. 

The last talk I attended was with Divine Lee. I had so much fun! She is so friendly and she is really outspoken. I can say she is the epitome of modern flawless. I learned from her that beauty is a fruit of hardwork. It does not happen in a snap. You have to make sure you eat healthy and in balance, exercise, drink a lot of water and have a good skin regimen. Also she advised to consult for skin care from derma clinic. She also advised undergoing Diamond Peel at least every other two weeks for 6 sessions and then have it every month. This will help remove oily and other skin problems. 

Afte the talk I would like to try the makeover at Pink Sugar booth but I noticed that it will take too much time so I just went home straight.

Here are my loots! They are so plenty!!! Oh my!!! 

Here are the magazines I got!

Here are the vouchers and discount coupons!

The free tea from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Here are some beauty products!!! 

Here other merchandise items!!!

Here are other gift packs!!! 

Here are some stationary items!!! 

Some ecobags!

Here are the t-shirts I got from Rappler. Reminds me to always believe that ther is STILL good in the world.

I had so much fun that day! I just wish I have friend with me. Anyway I received a lot of gifts from the fair and decided to share it with you my loves. Watch out for my announcement.

Thank you for reading! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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