The most awaited bonding at Sun Coast Hot Spring Resort Laguna

by - Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Hello everyone!

Finally! The day has come and we were able to enjoy an almost 24 hour bonding at Sun Coast Hot Spring Resort, Calamba, Laguna. 

This is actually a team bonding experience for our project. Majority of the team are present. We left in batches. I went with our boss Sir Ray, her wife, Meng, Sy, Marcel and Ian. I was not able to take photos during our trip. I enjoyed too much the chit-chat with my friends. The traffic is as usual! Unbearable but we just shake it off and enjoy the good company of each other. We arrived at around 8pm. Our other friends are already there. Sorry if I use the word friend instead of colleague. I always treat my colleagues as a friend and family.

We had a late dinner. We ate roasted chicken and rice. It was actually a fun dinner. We laugh hard at all the jokes.

After dinner we started swimming. It is good to know that we have a lot of swimmers in the team. One of them which is Sir Vince gave us a swimming lesson. I can swim a bit now and also float. I did not took a lot of photo that night. I just enjoyed the company of my friends. We sang a lot at the videoke and laugh very hard. We also swam and ate so much. I felt that I am already tired around 3am. After shower we were actually planning on having some more chit-chatting but I am really exhausted and chose to sleep.

The next day 7am I woke up because I need to go to the bathroom. After that I went down and found my friends preparing breakfast. I tried to help but my  head starts to ache and I cannot stand it so I went back to our room and fell asleep again. At 10am I woke up. I had my breakfast then we decided to swim for just an hour. However we enjoyed so much that it lasted for 2 hours. 

The water here is not full of chlorine like the usual pools. They said that it streams from the hot springs of Laguna. It is very refreshing and relaxing. I wish I can bring my family here because they will surely love it. 

I spent the rest of the day taking photos and preparing to get home. By the way our lunch is a blast! We had pork barbecue, eggplant, mango and fish. 

By the way billiards is also available in the resort. 

Here is photo of the rooms. We were able to get 3 rooms. Apologies for the clothes hanging. 

Also here is the Sassa Swimwear I bought. I got the pink and stripes swimwear.

The resort have a roof top section where you will see the view. We goof around and took a lot of photos.

We totally had a blast! More team bondings to come!!!!

Thank you for reading!

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