What we got for Christmas 2015!

by - Monday, December 28, 2015

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!

I know that this post is three days late but I just can't stop myself from sharing the wonderful things I received last Christmas day. DISCLAIMER! This post is  all about the gifts I received and my family did received so if you're not interested or doesn't feel right about it. You can exit my blog nicely. Thank you!

To start, this was not actually something I received on Christmas day but I received this from our Kris Kringle and I am so happy and thankful that my kringle parent exerted the effort to order this online. I am talking about this Black Bucket Bag from Shiq Bags.

See how pretty this is? I really want a black bag and I love the shape and form of this bucket bag. Thank you so much Miss Yey!

Next is something I got from my parents. I will be honest recently I am not wearing this because of Julianna's asthma but I think this time I can wear it with a minimal amount. I am talking about this sweet perfume named Victoria

I am not sure if this is part of Victoria Secret Perfume Collection. I am not really a fan or collector of perfumes. I am more of a body-mist-fruity-smell-kind of girl. Anyway to my Papa and Mama thank you so much!

Next are the things I got from my husband. I actually initiated to purchase this items. Though I know what they are I honestly wrapped them right away. I was not able to touch or see them through. So first thing I received is 10-pc Professional Brush Set in Pink and Gold.

I purchased this via Shopee. It is an app I downloaded. I found this seller kabinetnisophia02.

The seller is really nice and if you are ina hurry  you  can contact her directly. She will answer back on time.

Talking about the brushes. I promise myself that I will go back on learning more abouth beauty techniques and trends and actually I am clueless on how to use this brushes so this will be a good start for me.

Next thing I got is something I am so excited and been thinking to get for myself. My husband told me to go and get it and its his treat. Soooo sweet! I am talking about this Glamour Box subscription featuring BYS cosmetics. 

This is actually a special edition. Let me give you a peek of its contents. 

I am gonna give an unboxing blog post of this. Thank you so much to my javi! You are truly the best!

Last thing I got is a gift from me. Funny it is but we should give ourselves some love on a very special holiday. If you seen my post about gifts to give to young moms like me. I am really in love with the Simple Leather Watch. I really want to have one. So its been a daily search in Lazada. An online shop and finally I found it.

I got this from Casio. I also received a 100php discount for downloading Lazada's app. 

Now let me share the gift we gave to Julianna. It is actually a supermarket playset.

I am actually the first one to choose thisbgift for Julianna and I just persuade my husband. I think that this gift isreally cool and it will boost Julianna's imagination. We bought this from SM Mall's Toy Kingdom.

For my husband Jarvey I got him a Professional Hair Clipper Set.

I got this also from Lazada. I will give you an unboxing post of this one. This is really an interesting hair clipper set.

So that's it! Thank you so much for reading my blogs.

Happy Holidays everyone!!! 🎄🎄🎄

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