31 Days of Beauty with Suzie - Go For A Smokey Eye

by - Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Smokey eye became a phenomenon to every girls look. This best goes with evening events as its emphasized on giving a dramatic look within the eyes.

Today we will go for that smokey eye drama using the makeup from the Enchanted collection. I already featured the Mermaid's Coral Blush from my previous blog. Now I will feature the other two products.

I started by prepping my skin using my favorite moisturizer. Then I used a liquid powder. The weather tonight makes me sweat a lot so I opt on something that can deal with it. Top it with a bit of powder.

Going to the brows. Make sure to groom it and tame those little hair. Make it softer and natural as we are aiming to focus our attention to our eyes.

Now for the eyes, I will use Enchanted's After Midnight Smokey Eyes. Using its applicator I will apply first the black shade starting from the half-center of my eyes going to the outer V. It will look like a mess for now.

Now we apply the blue shade. Let it cross towards the black shade. 

Now we blend it with our middle finger. Blend it until it looks soft and dramatic. You may need to apply more of the black or blue shade.

I will use the silver shade to make my peepers look more open and brighter.

This eye shadow have a good packaging. It comes in a black container with a simple applicator. The shades are not super pigmented. When I blend it, it blends in a very powder form. It have silver specs that make it shimmer. I applied 3 times of the product to get the desired look. I still give this a 3/5. From the consistency of the product, it won't last the whole night specially here in our country. Unless the event will occur in a very cold area. Still this will do with a help from a primer and moisturizer. 

Now let us add a black liner. Apply it very close to the lashes's roots and do not add a wing. Let it dry then curl your lashes and add mascara.

For the cheeks, just add a little shimmer to make you look glowing. Do not exaggerate the blush.

For the lips I am using Enchanted's True Love's Kiss in Nude. This lippie is not like the typical nude lipstick I usually use. It is more of orange-red shade. The color also do not last longer. I give this a 3/5. 

Tip! Pair smokey eye with a nude or pale pink lippie and a soft flush on your cheeks. Keep all the attention to your pretty peepers.

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