31 Days of Beauty with Suzie - Pamper Your Lips

by - Thursday, March 31, 2016

Perfect lips comes with perfect color and application? Well its not all. We also need to give our lips the pamper it deserves. We give our hair and skin the utmost care that sometimes we forgot that our lips need also the attention it deserves. Here are 5 ways we can give love back to our lips.
Exfoliate using your toothbrush.
Yes! You heard me. Whenever we brush our teeth. Give at least a minute or two to brush the lips gently. Do not overboard as it may hurt your lips and cause breakage.

Do a DIY lip spa
Using the ingredients you can find in your kitchen. Combine sugar and honey in a small bowl and rub it gently to your lips. This helps exfoliate. Don't forget to rinse it with water.

Protect your lips by applying lip balm before your favorite lipstick

I always do this. I apply my lip balm first and let it settle for about two to three minutes before applying my lipstick. This way I can nurture and moisturize my lips specially I always wear matte lipstick that tends to dry the lips.

Give your lips a break

I always give my lips the breathing space from lipstick and gloss a week every month. I just use my lip balm. Lipstick tend to dry and age our lips due to the chemicals it have. At least once in a while give it a rest.

Drink plenty of water

We never want dry and cracked lips. To avoid this opt for the best and most effective way which is drinking 2 liters or 8 glasses of water a day.

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