31 Days of Beauty with Suzie - Wear Your Hair Up Or Down

by - Thursday, March 17, 2016

Once in a while a girl needs to make a change with her look. With me I do it in different ways and one of it is either to put my hair up or down.

Put your hair down...
I am always the type who let my hair down. After bath I just comb it and let it air-dry. Recently I found this comb called Detangling Hair Brush. I checked it in different beauty sites and in department stores but I found out that it is very expensive. Thank God I found an affordable one from Paganini. It is worth Php179.75. I compared it with Goody's version. Its bristles is softer. However it works the same. I love it!

It comes in different colors. Check the local department store near you.

If you want to make your hair down look prettier you can opt for creating a small braid on each side of your hair, then pin or tie them back to the center. With this you can keep your hair loose and flowing while still in tressed to impress half updo.

Keep your hair up...
Keeping your hair up makes your look brighter and sophisticated. This suit best on social gatherings. Make your hair part on the other side for extra volume. During socials, dazzle everyone with your fanciful look and keep your hair in place with a side swept updo.

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