Suzie Goes Back to NE #Happy27Suzie #FirstGiveawayWinner

by - Monday, March 28, 2016

Weekend is almost over and I am all tanned and happy. We spent it in one of my favorite places. We visited our dear relatives from the province of Nueva Ecija.

We took a ride via public utility bus. Our travel is smooth and nostalgic. It brings back memories from my childhood. My parents used to leave us in my Uncle and Auntie's care when we were young while my parents work in the city. 

We had a little feast to celebrate my Papa's 50th birthday. I love my Auntie's house. Its huge and Julianna have a lot of space to play and run.

Maundy Thursday, we decided to visit Gapan for a quick stroll. We played and roamed around and had a snack/dinner. 

Black Friday, we stayed at home. We has a delicious and fulfilling lunch together. We also baked butterscotch for snack. I love cooking and I also want to try baking. I am planning on sharing this how-to-bake an easy bake butterscotch recipe.

Black Saturday, we went to a nearby resort and spent almost the day swimming. Julianna did not show fear and loves to swim by herself. We had so much fun. 

Easter Sunday, our last day of stay. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning to prepare for the Easter mass. We all went there. After the mass we rest first and then continued on preparing our things for our afternoon trip back to the city. Last night my siblings prepared Easter eggs. We let the kids search the living room for the eggs. We also gave them bubble maker toys and money for winner and consolation prize. 

I am more than grateful that after years I was able to go back to that place. It have a special place in my heart. 

Too much for that. Now I will announce the winner for my very first giveaway. 

And the winner is...

I will contact you via email for the details.

Thank you so much for reading my blog!

Happy Easter and God bless you all!

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