31 Days of Beauty with Suzie - Skip Stress

by - Sunday, April 03, 2016

I don't claim that I have the perfect life nor saying I have the special power to get myself out of dilemmas and chaos. I'm just a normal person who still encounter real-life unfortunate situations. But then again I do not let these things bring me down. I let that happen before to me and I suffer the consequences.

This is based on my experience and not from others. What happens to me when I let stress triumph over me? Here it is.

We are on our way to Manila for Julianna's Dedication and First Birthday Celebration.

I suffer from acne or pimples. Yes guys I do! Their favorite spot is my forehead, between eyebrows, above my lip and chin. It really happened and keep on happening. No matter how careful I am with my skin routine. If I am stress it will really show right in my face.

Monthsary celebration with my husband and baby
When I am stress I am also exhausted. Right after I got up from bed I do feel exhausted. I also have the feel of unhappy thoughts and wanting to stay in bed forever.

Second year wedding anniversary dinner with hubby and baby
When I am stress its difficult for me to get fit. I'm bloated and cranky and I feel like no matter how few I eat or how hard I exercise nothing happened.

27th birthday celebration of hubby at Mckinley Hill, Taguig
When I am stress I tend to fail on achieving a goal or finishing a task. Yes! Because I procrastinate and all that matters to me is to get things done without verifying if what I did is right.

Family Dinner at Kuya J's. See how adorable my Julianna.
Well too much right? How do I skip stress. I have this routine of praying first and then taking deep breaths while my eyes are close. I think of happy thoughts. Also I think about the people, things and places that I love. Above all I think of God and my family. Then last I choose to be happy. 

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