Trust Your Heart to Overcome the Waves ... BDJ Power Planner 2017 Edition Unboxing

by - Thursday, November 03, 2016

Trust Your Heart to Overcome the Waves ... BDJ Power Planner 2017 Edition
This is a super late post. I should have posted this two weeks ago but I have been busy with other stuff. Much excuses so now let me give you an unboxing of this planner.

While I give you peeks let me share my Bella story.

Think as Deep as the Ocean and Rise as Tall as the Waves
Year 2010 I met this most efficient and awesome planner. A friend and colleague have this. At first I do not like it because its bigger before. What caught my attention is it has coupons attached to it. With this coupons you can get discounts when you avail products from the affiliated brands.

Apologies for the image quality.
December that same year there was a small bazaar orchestrated inside the company where I used to work. I saw a booth that offers the BDJ planner for 2011 so I didn't think twice and got myself one.

2017 Checklist
My first time as a BDJ planner user I am not completely aware of how to use it or anything about the bella community. I am just using it as a diary where I list the tasks I accomplished in a day or the coming events.

Rise above the Waves
Eventually I got tired of using it and I decided to try other planner. 2013 I get back on using it again. I also used it for prepping my wedding. We only have almost two months to prepare and listing down all my to-do's and schedules on the planner helped me a lot.

Attitude of Gratitude
2014 I stopped using BDJ planner again and tried a planner from a local clothing brand. 2014 was the most challenging year for me since that year I got pregnant and like what I always share my pregnancy was not a walk in the park. I used the planner to monitor all the changes happening to me.

Events Calendar
Still 2014, we are waiting for me to gave birth and do a lot of walking daily to help me. I told my husband to accompany me to Mall of Asia and visit the BDJ Fair. I got myself my 2015 planner there. Since I know 2015 will be a fast paced and joyful year for the coming of my daughter I want to have it all recorded in my planner.

Ride the Waves of the unknown...January


Year 2015 catapulted my Bella journey. I joined the first beauty bootcamp with my girlfriends. Since then I become active on joining different events by BDJ.

My husband used to asked me why I love being a bella. I told him being a bella is not just about labels. Its about being part of a community of women who strives to reach their goals and dreams.

Perks of a Bella

Whicever wave you surf always learn to enjoy the ride

From being a bella I also started another chapter of my life and that is being a blogger. I do not claim expertise but blogging open new opportunities for me and also helped me become more creative.

Excited for 2017
The BDJ Power Planner 2017 Edition is now out and can be availed through ilovebdj website and leading bookstores.

Thank you for reading!

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