BeautyMNL x Musings of a Suzie My First Shopping Experience

by - Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Dearberry Haul in collaboration with BeautyMNL

I am so excited for this blog post. I know I am still learning a lot from blogging and stuff and it is so heartwarming and flattering when people recognize my work. So before we discuss the products let me tell you the story behind this collaboration.

Three weeks ago I was contacted by Miss Erika of BeautyMNL and told me that they chose me to give BeautyMNL a test run. I read the email a lot of times before it finally sink in to me. It is my honor to be recognized by them and believe me when they said that they read my blog. I am so flattered.

I got overwhelmed at first and cannot decide on what to get. Good thing I read a blog post of a mommy blogger about a Korean brand and that took my interest. It is my first time hearing about it and I have never seen it before. I decided to give this brand a try. Good thing BeautyMNL  have this brand.

I am talking about DearberryDearberry is one Korea's top cosmetics brands. They believe that giving women a healthy skin helps them achieve a more beautiful look.

The products are all in their original packaging when they were sent to me. I chose to get these five things.

Dearberry Magic Oil Control Primer
Orig Price: PHP480.00
Discounted Price: PHP432.00
Dearberry Photo Concealer
Orig Price: PHP260.00
Discounted Price: PHP221.00
Dearberry Magic Oil Control Powder
Orig Price: PHP320.00
Discounted Price: PHP288.00
Dearberry Cover Girl BB Primer
Orig Price: PHP600.00
Discounted Price: PHP510.00
Dearberry Miss Monalisa Eyebrow Pencil with Brush
Orig Price: PHP121.00
Discounted Price: PHP101.00

They truly commit to their promise of next day shipping. Meaning if you ordered and paid today they will deliver it to you the following day. I am so happy because I am actually going on a trip and they were able to deliver it before I left the city.

How is my shopping experience? It is so fun and stress free. I think the challenge here is determining the right shade. Tip is to know your skin tone and skin type. I went overboard with my shopping because guys shopping here is truly hassle free. Good thing they offer online and credit card payment. These two are my preferred payment mode because it is so convenient. They also have over-the-counter payment which I do not like because I do not like wasting time waiting through long queues.

My order is delivered on a very neat packaging
The products came in a zip lock. For me this is okay because its easy to dispose but since this is in a zip lock I kept it. I think this will be useful in the future. Also guys if you reach a certain amount you will get free shipping or another product. I got a free Cream Silk Dry Rescue. I give my shopping experience 5 stars.

More musings here! This is too lengthy! Sorry guys! But just to give you a background of my story with BeautyMNL. I first heard of BeautyMNL a year ago from Say Tioco, Since then I become a big fan of BeautyMNL. I always check their website specially the articles found in their beauty magazine section called Bloom.

Bloom The Magazine

My favorite is their Splurge or Save articles. If you want to have ideas on what are the best beauty buys for affordable price. Check the Bloom magazine. They also feature other topics such as Beauty 101, Makeup, Skincare, Top Reviews, Budget Buys, Celebs and Experts stories. One topic I miss from their magazine is the gift ideas section where in they give a list of products I can give to a specific person. For instance, a friend who loves to travel, Father's day, Mother's day or graduation. I wish they will bring it back. Please BeautyMNL!!! Please!! Just kidding! Seriously I learned a lot from the articles they feature in their beauty magazine.

Also, if you are not sure what to get or how effective it is? Get a close encounter with the product you are eyeing by checking the reviews section called Beauty by You. You will find a wide reviews of different products and I assure you these reviews are transparent and helpful. I also added my first ever review. I hope I did well. Seriously I am a bit nervous If I did a good job. If you are not familiar with this section of BeautyMNL, just click the Reviews tab to get in that part of the site.

Beauty by You
I hope I made you excited to shop at BeautyMNL. They offer a wide range of products from different brands. They also offer discounts and other perks. Give it a try guys and I assure you up to the last peso everything is worth it.

Thank you for reading and happy shopping!

God bless you guys!

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  1. I love Dearberry! Especially the primer, they're super worth it <3


    1. I agree with you chel! It really works for me!