When in Cagayan De Oro Reflections of a Mom

by - Friday, March 17, 2017

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands." - Psalm 19:1

According to studies, the key to happiness is spending your money on experiences rather than things. Do you agree?

Our first flight as a family

My family and I wrapped up the month of February by going on a vacation. We went with my husband's colleagues to Cagayan De Oro and Camiguin.

They said that it help toddlers and kids calm during the flight when they are seated next to the window.

I will not be telling you things about where to go or what to bring or who to look for in my blog. This section of my blog which is TRAVEL will tell my reflection and learning on trips I've been.

Welcome Timbreza Family to CDO!
I will be honest. I was hesitant at first to proceed with this trip. Why? Going on a trip like this requires expenses which I do not want. My husband told me that since we are celebrating our ten years together, it won't be too much to indulge to this kind of luxury. For me it is a luxury. Please don't judge me.

Are you ready?

Cagayan De Oro is known to the adventure seekers for their canyoneering/river jumping/water rafting activities. I chose to stay at Manager's house with my daughter because these activities are not for her...yet.

The Manager's House which is located at Mapawa Nature Park is so serene. Perfect time to sleep. Lol! This is true. I am not even bothered if the place is haunted or it is just me and my daughter. All I care is to take a sumptuous nap.

My nap ended with my daughter telling me to put her current favorite movie Moana on. As we wait for my hubby and her friends to come back. I told myself that I wish I brought a book with me. The place is so quiet and perfect for meditation and reflection. The dormitory does not have television and reception is unavailable. I felt like I went back in time when we were little and we stayed for vacation at my Auntie's place in the province. The life is simple. No gadgets. If you want to have fun. You have to go out and play under the sun. 

Beauty beyond words
Then at the higher area of Mapawa, there is like an overlooking view that will truly make you appreciate simplicity's beauty. Jarvey and I whispered to each other that this is a great experience for Julianna and we should start a tradition. One out-of-town and one out-of-the-country family trip every year. This is expensive I know but I do not want to deprive myself and my family. Someday Julianna will see the pictures and she will tell her friends that she have been here and there.

We are at the White Water Rafting Office
The next day is the white water rafting activity. We stayed for a while at the office and then left to visit SM Cagayan De Oro.

Pizza for the little one
Our Cagayan De Oro stint is short. I wish we were able to stay for two days straight and roam around more. Still I am happy that Julianna was able to visit this place.

Next stop... Camiguin. =D

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  1. Nice article, so true, even if were already a mother we still need to take care of ourselves and travel, not just for our kids but also for us, good thing http://momsagainstcleaning.com/ help for some of my problems about being mother, great job author!

    1. Hi! I agree! Travel is really a good way to reset my system.

  2. wow! :) This is such a nice blog entry. Wish I could go visit Cagayan de Oro too as well someday

    1. hi ara! thank you! CDO is a great place. You have to try the activities as well.