Baby blues and postnatal depression

by - Monday, April 24, 2017

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Every mother has for sure have their own story. 

In our society, new mothers experienced a lot of pressure to be the best mother that complies to the standard people post on social media and spread through the word of the mouth. 

Baby blues, postnatal depression or postpartum depression; whichever suits you is experienced by average of 15% women. This statistic does not include women who keep mum about their condition out of fear or shame. Additionally, this figure does not include the number of women who may have suffered from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders like antenatal depression or postpartum psychosis. This mean the number may even be higher.

Years ago I have shared my own battle against it. Public figures such as Chrissy Teigen and Hayden Panettiere revealed their own horrible pain.

It is not a shame to accept this reality. It is not a shame to cry for help. Seek for professional help from your doctor and do not be afraid to take a step forward for medical treatments and antidepressants.

Keep your faith on fire as well and pray for guidance and strength. Also reach out to your family and friends for moral support. These will contribute a great impact on your road to recovery.

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